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Bima Seva Kendra

A vacation that turned into a nightmare

In October 2022, Mr. Ashutosh Mitra eagerly planned a memorable family vacation to the beautiful Andaman Islands, with travel dates set for March 20th to 27th, 2023. With excitement and prudence, he ensured his entire tour was comprehensively insured by a reputable travel insurance company.

As the day of the journey arrived, Mr. Mitra and his family found themselves at the airport ready for their adventure. Unfortunately, their excitement quickly turned into frustration when they learned that their flight, ABC 123, scheduled for the 20th of March, had been cancelled by the airline. Adding to their woes, the airlines issued a cancellation due to non-operation statement, leaving them stranded with no flight options.The airline’s attempts to provide seats on connecting flights were in vain, as all available seats were already taken. Faced with no alternative, Mr. Mitra had to reschedule his travel to the 27th of March to 3rd April 2023. This sudden change in plans incurred financial losses due to the cancellation of hotel bookings, cruise reservations, and return tickets initially booked for the 24th of March.

Mr. Mitra turned to his travel insurance provider, seeking compensation for the financial losses incurred due to circumstances beyond his control. However, to his dismay, the insurer declined his claim, citing that the insurance policy did not cover cancellation due to unavailable tickets.

Despite providing a comprehensive explanation of the situation, complete with supporting documentation such as the airline’s cancellation statement, Mr. Mitra found himself in a challenging situation as the insurer continued to reject his claim, leaving him with a heavy financial loss.

On being approached by Mr. Mitra, Bima Seva Kendra (BSK) stepped in to assist the client with appropriate claim rejection-related services. After meticulous examination of the case and with a deep understanding of the policy terms, BSK embarked on the mission to challenge the insurance company’s denial of the claim. With perseverance and dedication, BSK made a compelling case for Mr. Mitra, presenting all relevant evidence and highlighting the exceptional circumstances that led to the cancellation of his travel plans.

Thanks to Bima Seva Kendra’s intervention, the insurance company reevaluated Mr. Mitra’s case and ultimately approved the claim. The financial losses incurred due to the unexpected flight cancellation were reimbursed, providing much-needed relief to Mr. Mitra and his family.

Mr.Ashutosh Mitra’s case study serves as a testament to the importance of having a dedicated advocate like Bima Seva Kendra when dealing with claim-rejection related issues. Our unwavering commitment to our clients and our willingness to go the extra mile can turn challenging situations into favorable outcomes, providing peace of mind and financial relief when it is needed most.