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Claim Short-Settled

We rely on insurance for peace of mind, knowing we will be covered when unexpected events strike. But what happens when you're handed a claim settlement that falls far short of what you anticipated?
At Bima Seva Kendra, we understand the frustration and disappointment that come with short-settled claims. We refuse to stand idly by while insurance companies offer you less than you're entitled to. You need not just accept the crumbs insurance companies throw your way.
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Understanding Health Insurance Claim Short-Settlement:

A claim short-settlement occurs when an insurance company pays you less than what your policy legally entitles you to. Examples of these would be receiving a lower amount than anticipated during Health insurance claims when you direly in need to fulfil the medical bills. This can happen for various reasons, from misinterpretations of policy terms to undervaluing your claim.

Don't let them get away with it!

At Bima Seva Kendra, we have a proven track record of helping clients secure the full compensation they deserve

Here's how we can help:

  • Thorough Case Analysis: We meticulously examine your policy, medical records, and all relevant documents to identify any discrepancies or errors in the insurance company's assessment
  • Strategic Planning: We develop a customised strategy tailored to your unique circumstances, whether it involves negotiating a fair claim settlement, pursuing legal action, or filing complaints with regulatory bodies
  • Protection of Your Rights: We ensure that your claim process adheres to all regulations and industry best practices, safeguarding your entitlement to rightful benefits.

Never settle for less than you deserve. Let Bima Seva Kendra be your advocate, championing fair compensation and ensuring that you're not shortchanged by insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is short-settled the same as under-insured?

A- No, short-settled and under-insured are not the same.
Short-settled refers to an insurance claim that has been settled for an amount less than what the insured believes they are entitled to, typically due to undervaluation or negotiation tactics.
Under-insured refers to a situation where the policyholder's insurance coverage is insufficient to fully cover the costs of a claim or loss event.

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