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Lapsed insurance policy
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Bima Seva Kendra was an idea made reality, conceived to fill the void of service (SEVA) in the insurance industry. With a dedicated team ready to solve every Insurance claim-related issue, BSK brings you “SEVA” at your fingertips. Seva, Suraksha or Samadhan, sab yaha or kaha?

  • 100+ years of Cumulative Insurance Experience
  • Low Fee Commitment
  • Simple, Straightforward & Transparent
  • No Hidden Costs
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Mis-selling of insurance policy

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Mis-selling of insurance policy

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From claim rejection to claim settlement, a personal Insurance Know-How Corner with real-life cases and insurance essential knowledge, just for you. If these stories look like yours, Connect with us for optimal Claim settlement.

Delay in claim process

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common reasons for insurance claim rejections?

Insurance claim rejection can occur due to multiple reasons like Intentional Non-disclosure of any information, Incomplete or inaccurate information, Policy exclusions, Lack of documentation or evidence, breach of policy conditions etc.

What is mis-selling?

Mis-selling of insurance policies in simple words is “policies sold using false promises, deceptive tactics or manipulations such as about its benefits, costs etc”. it is a breach of trust where you are lied to regarding a policy only to make you buy it.
Contact BSK for legal aid in handling Complaints about Insurance companies.

Reasons for claim delays?

Delay in the claim process can be the result of -
- Insufficient documentation
- Investigation required for complex claims
- Backlog of claims processing
Consult our experts for insights into your specific case for swift claim settlements.

My claim got short-settled, what to do?

You can Review the settlement offer against policy coverage and Negotiate with the insurer for fair compensation. Seek legal advice from subject matter experts to be your voice if the Complaint about Insurance company needs to be taken to court.

What is a lapsed insurance policy?

Simply put, it is when your insurance coverage and benefits are no longer available because you didn't make a required payment within the specified time. Non-payment, even after the grace period (typically 15-30 days from the due date), renders the coverage inactive or void, leaving the policyholder uninsured.

What to do when an insurance policy lapses?

You can contact your insurance provider for reinstating lapsed insurance policy or to inquire if the policy lapse was an error. If left unsatisfied by their answers contact experts to negotiate on your behalf.

What are some potential reasons for insurance proposal rejections?

There could be multiple reasons
- Poor health or medical history
- High-risk occupation or lifestyle
- Financial instability
- Incorrect documentation

What is an insurance proposal?

It is the foundation of a potential insurance contract, outlining details such as personal information, health and lifestyle, policy details and any additional information required from the potential policyholder. You then declare and sign it as proof of the accuracy of the data provided

Who pays in a car accident during subrogation?

Subrogation happens when an insurance company pays money to someone they insure in circumstances that weren't their fault. After paying, the insurance company might try to get that money back from the person who caused the problem in the first place.

Are insurance claims taxable?

It is case specific to the type of insurance, the income of the insured individual and other conditions mentioned in the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What are the tax benefits of life insurance?

There are many Tax benefits of an insurance policy. For example, there are tax benefits available for Life insurance under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Insurance premiums in cash and lapsed insurance policy?

While allowed in some cases, Paying premiums in cash may not provide a record of payment. It can also cause the loss of the tax benefits of mediclaim insurance. If you paid in cash and received a lapsed policy notice, contact an expert immediately for legal aid in handling complaints about insurance companies.

How can insurance safeguard my retirement?

For your non-working years, insurance can supplement your income, cover long-term care, health issues and disabilities, and provide Tax benefits!

When does insurance start? what are copay and deductible?

Coverage begins upon policy issuance or specified start date.
Deductibles are the money policyholders must give out of pocket before the insurance coverage begins. Co-payments (Co-pays) are fixed amounts that policyholders pay for specific services.

Which insurance is the best?

There is no answer to which is the best insurance but there are factors that decide which is the best for you. Depending on your age, health, coverage needs and budget, an insurance policy can be found to suit you perfectly. Contact a subject matter expert for consultation.

Red flags of an insurer

Unclear answers, reluctance to provide information, bad ratings, impatience and pressure to buy the policy are some of the red flags of an insurer. Refer to our BLOG for a comprehensive list of red flags in an insurer to avoid mis-selling or insurance fraud.

How do I choose the right health insurance plan for me?

A few steps towards considering the best choice for you would you -
- Assess healthcare needs and budget
- Compare coverage options, premiums, and networks
- Consider deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket expenses
- Contact an expert to help assess your situation

How can I prevent insurance claim rejections?

Double-check information and documentation, avoid delays in intimation, Follow policy terms and requirements, read the fine print and exclusions and Viola! You should be good to go! For any claim rejection-related services, BSK is but a few clicks away!

How do I determine the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage for me?

Multiple factors go into understanding the best-suited coverage for oneself such as age, medical history, pre-existing health conditions, budget etc. Contact our experts to help you soothe this nerve-wracking process.

Can I purchase insurance for pre-existing conditions?

While some insurers may reject your insurance proposal or give you a higher premium than the rest, no one is completely uninsurable. You just need to find an insurer willing to insure your health and future.

What are the claim rejection services offered at Bima Seva Kendra?

Bima Seva Kendra offers many services related to claim-rejection-related issues, claim settlement-related issues, mis-selling, fraud, and short-settled claims, as well as consultation services.

How can Bima Seva Kendra help me with my insurance claim rejection?

The experts at Bima Seva Kendra have a cumulative experience of 100+ years that can help you navigate your specific insurance claim-related issues and assure a smooth claim settlement.

What is the cost of Bima Seva Kendra’s claim settlement services?

No payment is asked upfront. Only when your case is approved- a one-time registration charge is required.
A Success fee of 12% + GST is charged only upon successfully resolving your insurance issues. There are no hidden costs. We are transparent about every cost involved within our claim settlement services.

Does Bima Seva Kendra sell insurance policies?

No, Bima Seva Kendra does not sell insurance policies, nor do we campaign for any insurance company.
BSK's focus is solely on advocating for your rights and securing the claim settlement you deserve, rather than selling insurance products.

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