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When an insurance policy is sold to the customer with a false promise, it is known as mis-selling or fraud of an insurance policy. The insurance sector in India is growing, but the lack of knowledge about insurance policies has subjected many people to be victims of insurance fraud. Often the fraudulent insurance agents mis-sell the insurance policies either by misrepresenting the policy, selling insurance from non-existent companies or failing to submit the premium plans.
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Have you ever been victimized with a mis-sold insurance policy?

  • Have you been sold a regular premium plan under the garb of a single premium plan?
  • Are you paying premiums beyond your financial capacity?
  • Are you stuck with unsuitable insurance plans?
  • Are you unaware of the product fine prints?
  • Are you a victim of forgery and tampering of your proposal form?
  • Have you been sold insurance policies in the name of fixed deposits, mutual funds etc?
  • Have you been forced into buying insurance policies to get a loan sanction?
  • Has anyone sold you an insurance policy against the following promises:
    • Tin saal main paisa double.
    • Offer of getting back fund stuck in policies.
    • Opening ATM or putting up a telecom tower etc.
    • Spurious calling in the name of officials of IRDAI, RBI, SEBI, Income tax etc.
  • If the answer is “YES” then you are entitled to get justice, and we may be able to help.