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Claim Rejected or Delayed

Claim rejection is when an insurance company reviews the claim and rejects the claim settlement amount. Often, the insurance companies delay the claim process to pay the claim settlement amount of the policyholder. In both cases, a policyholder feels a strong sense of desperation to get the claim to avoid financial woes.
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Here are the key reasons for claim rejections or delays:

  • Improper documentation
  • Lack of explanations
  • Lack of references
  • Lack of proper follow up
  • Coverage exclusion or exhaustion, etc
  • Not the case? Then you may bring your complaints about the Insurance company to us. We will help you get your claim without any further delay. A standard death claim settlement TAT is 30 days. If you are getting delayed, connect with us to get the claim that is rightfully yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

I faced a claim rejection, what do I do now?

A- There is still hope! Depending on the reason behind your claim rejection, the mistakes can be corrected and you can get your fair compensation. If your claim was rejected unjustly, contact our experts to help guide you through it and be your voice on the way.

How can I prevent insurance claim rejection?

A- prevention is indeed better than cure. A few of the steps to avoid claim rejections altogether are -
● Double checking documents
● Being attentive to policy terms and conditions
● Being aware of exclusions
● Timely intimation and submission of documents.

How to handle a Delay in claim process?

A- The first step would be contacting your insurance provider to find the status of your insurance claim and address any issues arising. If their answers are not satisfactory or seem fishy, contact us. We shall handle it for you.

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