सेवा, सुरक्षा और समाधान

Claim Rejected or Delayed

Claim rejection is a term in insurance when an insurance company reviews the claim and rejects the claim settlement amount. Often, the insurance companies delay to pay the claim settlement amount of the policyholder. In both cases, non-disclosure or wrong information results in the rejection or denial of claims. As a policyholder, one might feel a strong sense of desperation to get the claim to avoid financial woes.
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The key reasons for rejection of claims is due to:

  • Improper documentation
  • Lack of explanations
  • Lack of references
  • Lack of proper follow up
  • Coverage exclusion or exhaustion, etc
  • A standard death claim settlement TAT is 30 days, if you are getting delayed then we are here to help you in proper and timely manner so that you can get your claim without any further delay.