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Facing a Delay in Getting Your Insurance Claim Know Why

Denial of insurance claims is one of the common complaints made by the policyholder. An individual who has gone through this difficult situation only knows the distress it can cause. Moreover, a delay in getting your insurance claim can increase your financial burden, which creates a sense of desperation to get the amount. Hence it is always necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid delay in the claim process and get the settlement amount at the right time. 

Here’s what you can do to avoid denial of a claim

Denial of an insurance claim can be frightening, especially if you have an emergency situation. Here are some things you can keep in mind while purchasing an insurance policy to avoid going through such mishaps. 

1. Make sure to fill out your form 

In most cases, the proposal form is filled out by the insurance agents. The insured person only signs the form without even verifying the details. As a result, discrepancies might be created due to the wrong information provided in the form, which leads to denial at the time of claiming the settlement amount. 

2. Give correct facts 

Non-disclosure of correct facts is one of the main reasons behind claim denial. As a policyholder, you must always give correct information regarding your age, income, address, medical history and occupation to prevent delay in the claim process in future. 

3. Know your policy features 

Many such incidents happened when the policyholders were unaware of the features and benefits of their coverage plans. For instance, if you want to file for a claim settlement during the waiting period, it is obvious your claim settlement amount will be denied. Hence it is advised to review and understand the terms and conditions before buying an insurance policy. 

4. Corporate with the investigator 

Insurance companies always appoint an investigator to verify the documents provided by the policyholders. You must always cooperate with your investigator and provide him with the correct documents on time to avoid delay in the claim process.

5. Submit proper documents to the insurance company

To order to get your insurance claim on time, it is necessary to submit original documents to the insurance company. If you do not provide the original papers or fail to submit important documents to the insurance company, you might face a delay in getting your rightful settlement amount.  


By following the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you can prevent denial of the claim. However, if you still face any issues in getting your claim, you must take advice from the insurance experts who will help you overcome the burden of denial.