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How to File a Home Insurance Claim: Easy Tips for Homeowners

A home reflects the people who live in it. Beyond being a financial asset, it holds significant emotional value. Therefore, safeguarding it with a comprehensive home insurance policy is essential. When an unfortunate event affects your cherished home, you can rely on your home insurance policy to come to your aid.

In this blog, we outline the necessary steps to file an insurance claim. Following these steps will help you receive your claim sooner and with the least hassle.

Steps to Claim Home Insurance Policy

The final process of claiming home insurance can vary for different insurance providers. However, the basic steps include:

Inform Insurance Company: The first and foremost step is to inform the insurance company of any loss or damage you suffer. Mail, call or use their website to inform the insurance company at the earliest and register your claim. Any delay in that can lead to claim rejection. As is observed in,

Pradip Kumar Pal v. SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Pradip Kumar Pal filed a complaint against SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. after his claims for damages to his newly constructed building were repudiated multiple times. Pal held a Long Term Home Insurance Policy covering his property from 2012 to 2027. The first claim, lodged in July 2014, cited damages from heavy rain in October 2013. In May 2015, Pal lodged a second claim for damages allegedly caused by an earthquake in April 2015. However, the surveyor determined the damages were old and unrelated to any recent earthquake.

The court upheld the insurance company's decision to repudiate all claims, citing the complainant's delay in reporting the damages, the consistent surveyor reports indicating structural issues unrelated to covered perils, and non-compliance with policy terms. Consequently, the complaint was dismissed without any costs.

  • Inform Police (If Necessary): In case of burglary or vandalism, make sure to file an FIR and inform the police of the incident. Keep a copy of the report as it may be required to claim your insurance later.
  • Collect Evidence: The next step is to collect all the relevant evidence for the damage caused, like photos or videos of the incident.
  • Fill out Documents: Fill out all the required documents properly without hiding anything, and be transparent.
  • Co-operate in Survey: After all the documents are verified and submitted to the insurance company, a supervisor will pay a visit to your home. He will verify all the claims and check the damaged property. Make sure to coordinate with him and provide all the relevant information related to your loss.
  • Claim Report: After reviewing your property and assessing your loss, the surveyor submits the report to the insurance company. He provides an estimate of loss in the report along with all the supporting documents.
  • Connect with Insurer: You must stay connected with the insurer throughout the process. Get an idea of the extent of damage the insurance will cover. You can also ask for the time you expect your claim to be released. If any further information is required you can provide that as well.
  • Claim Settlement: Once all the forms are processed and the damage is accessed, you will get your claim amount at the earliest.

Documents Required for Settling a Home Insurance Claim

  • Claim Form
  • Policy Document
  • FIR (if applicable)
  • Proof of house ownership
  • Fire Brigade Report (In case of Fire)
  • Cost of reconstruction
  • Valuation reports
  • Repair bills
  • Original Invoice (In case of product damage)

The Bottom Line

If your home sustains any damage due to a problem covered by your home insurance, you need to file a claim to receive compensation from your insurer. It's important to document everything thoroughly and report promptly. Keep copies of receipts, records, and all communications related to your claim, and address any requests as swiftly as possible.

If you face any issues with claim settlement, insurance claim-related issues, or claim rejection, Bima Seva Kendra can assist you in overcoming these challenges.